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we value our craft. 


We love to jump right in and work with you from inception. However, we understand that sometimes you need a revival of your existing properties too! Whether you’re creating a new brand or looking to refresh, DM-Squared will help you craft the right story through strategy, positioning and identity with our Bespoke Branding Services. There are a range of packages and starter services to help your brand impress the crowd and build credibility. All services include at least one workshop to dive into your brand strategy.

  • Your Brand Launch Kit begins with brand strategy workshops to identify goals and define brand culture, differentiation and community. From there we will craft your strategy and create a custom visual identity inclusive of a logo suite, simple color palette, brand typography and photography style. Your deliverables will be compiled into a virtual brand guide that outlines the overall look, feel and positioning of your brand and define the rules for utilizing your new identity.


    Estimated Timeline: 6-8 weeks from kickoff depending on the complexity of your website.

  • Looking to establish and maintain an online presence via digital home? We offer integrated digital marketing services, from assessment to design execution. Your Digital Media Suite includes the design and development of a responsive digital home, system training and on-going support to assist your admin with the "nesting" process. We're also happy to discuss any needed integrations.​

     Your Suite also includes the following value-added services including​:

    • Guidance and recommendations with the use of social media and email campaign account(s)

    • Creative Direction for product photo shoot (if necessary)

    • Work process & tools/systems audit

    It is important to note that we are Wix & Shopify partners. On another platform? Let's discuss during your consultation.

    Estimated Timeline: 6-8 weeks from kickoff depending on the complexity of your website.

  • Not ready to commit to a complete transformation or need a more budget-friendly option to get you off the ground? All good – we’ve got you covered. Try one of our Brand Starter Services.


    Brand Kickstart: (LOGO ONLY) We'll start with a discovery session to download on your brand, services/products offered and vision for your new look and feel. From there we'll develop a logo concept, simple color palette, typography and & you will also PDF of your brand board w/ simple identity guidelines with your final assets.


    The estimated timeline for this service is 4 weeks from kickoff.


    Brand Builder (STRATEGY ONLY): We'll conduct up to (4) Brand Strategy Workshops to identify goals and define brand culture, differentiation and community. Your newly minted story will be crafted and formatted into a virtual brand strategy board that define the storytelling, audience, voice, , culture, brand values and position.

    The estimated timeline for this service is 6-8 weeks from kickoff.


  • DM-Squared will audit your current properties and provide recommendations on the current state of your brand, processes and systems.


    • Includes (2) 1-hour Discovery Session to understand the current state of your overall business, goals and current business processes.

    • An audit of your current visual elements, digital platforms and technology stack

    • Recommendations are presented in a 60-minute session.

      Estimated Timeline: 4 weeks from kickoff.


  • With our Brand Transformation Bundle, you can do both, meet in the middle and dance all night with combo of services in the Brand Launch Kit & Digital Media Suite. This also includes a Process & Technology review & recommend.


    Estimated Timeline: 12-15 weeks from kickoff.


    Looking for something else? Maybe a bit of brand consulting or creative services? We're happy to chat and hear more about your needs. Please note that we also have non-profit packages

our services

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our best ideas come from a story...

We know your story: You have this awesome idea or want to create this dope experience, and you have no idea where to start; you know that you need to bring the story, ideation or vision to bring it to life. At DM-Squared, we live for the details! Our team is here to help shape your story and craft the brand experience.


As your strategic partner, we will help you thoughtfully craft your brand and help you introduce it to your world – because it's your world, we're just in it! 


Below is the step-by-step approach we will take to deliver value.

DM2 Background.png

how can I get this party started?

If you believe we are a good fit, feel free to schedule a consultation so that we can get to know each other and discuss how we can collaborate.

can I see a bit of what you've created?

Sure thing! Take a peek at the archives to see a bit of the work we have in the world. In an effort to keep things fresh, we do want to note that our portfolio contains work executed after 2020.

how do folks feel about your service?

HA! I guess that depends on who you ask!! There are a few testimonials that can be found in the archives that speak to our quality of service. We're happy to provide clients to interview in the proposal phase.

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