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creative architect

DeVona Mitchell (she/her/hers) is a Southern girl at heart, with a passion for creating innovative solutions to help emerging brands gain exposure and craft their stories. She is an INFJA-A personality type. For Advocate personalities, such as her's, success comes from seeking fulfillment, helping others, and being a force for good in the world – which is why she started Danni Media & Marketing.


With over 15 years of of agency and tech experience working with global brands such as Verizon, Denny’s, Choice Hotels, Nestlé, and more, DeVona strives to offer client partners the innovation and white glove service of multi-million dollar marketing agencies with southern comfort.

She is also a Taurus who looks great in bright colors and always has a book or her tablet (no brands named, because no sponsored ads here) on hand.

every story has a genesis.

What started with a one-off request for an email campaign has grown into a boutique agency that has partnered with over 50 creators and founders from coast-to-coast to bringing their ideas to life. Since the beginning, our mission at Danni Media and Marketing (codename: DM-Squared) has been to cultivate brands, craft stories & create experiences for indie artists, creators & founders.


From concept to execution, we seek to provide small businesses with access to an array of premium marketing services without the hefty price tag, including custom brand development and coaching, web design (we are partners with Wix and Shopify), marketing consulting and producing services.

success is not built in silos.




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